Day 253. Beautiful Day

Today has been a decent day.

First, I got to see a friend from my previous job today. It turns out that on his days off he works at the hotel across from my new workplace! All the time now, it seems, I am reminded of what a small world I live in. It was great to see him, even for a short time, because he is always so happy and kind. I look forward to being able to continue to see him.

Second, the building I work in had a fire alarm go off. Someone had smelled gas and so the alarm was pulled. It was a nice break from work, especially since it was such a lovely day out.

Third, my manager let me go home an hour early to enjoy the afternoon. I’m really liking this woman and hope that we can work together for a while. So I went home and took a walk and then read outside on my balcony. It was a very pleasant afternoon. So glad that spring has finally begun. Although we probably will get a couple more snowfalls before winter is truly over, I think the majority of it is done.

I look forward to another beautiful day tomorrow!

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