Day 256. Spring break here I come!

So one of the joys of working for the school system, in the position that I have, is that I get a Spring Break! Granted, I am not paid for this week, but at the moment I don’t care.

My manager said that I could go into work if I wanted to and she would comp me for my time later, so I plan on going in for a few hours this week. My goal will be 20 hours but I’m not sure I’ll have enough work to last me that long, we’ll see!

Either way I’m going to really enjoy this week. I’ve got a list of things to do and actually need to add a bit more to it. I just hope the weather cooperates so I can go hiking and maybe biking for a day or two.

I also got my final paycheck from my previous job in the mail today so that’s a nice bit of money in my account and I should get paid a bit from my current job on Monday. I’d say things are going well overall! The week after we get back is supposedly going to be crazy busy so I better enjoy this time while I have it!

3 thoughts on “Day 256. Spring break here I come!

    1. Maybe next year! I’m hoping that with these new days off I can visit Washington either this year or next year. I’ll let you know whenever it happens!

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