Day 259. Sketchbook Project

The other day I stumbled upon a really cool art tour: The Sketchbook Project. Anyone in the world, with enough money, can participate. All one has to do, is purchase a sketchbook from the website, fill it with artwork, and send it back. Then, the people running the project, put your sketchbook in their mobile library and tour around the United States, letting others enjoy artwork that they never would have been able to see before. Eventually, after the tour is over, the sketchbooks are taken to the Brooklyn Art Library where they are kept and enjoyed by locals. Because each sketchbook has a barcode, the artist can track how many people check out her book and where.

The only limitation in this project is that the artist cannot cover the barcode. Otherwise she can do anything she wants with the sketchbook. She can draw, paint, paste, write. There is no set guidelines, no certain art style.

It is so appealing to me that I only wish I was a bit more artistic to warrant ordering a sketchbook. And that’s my personal reason for not getting it, the project accepts anyone and everyone. You don’t have to be an artist to participate, and I love that. Maybe I’ll play around with my artistic skills and then reconsider getting a book.

The project is stopping in Steamboat, Colorado in August of this year if anyone nearby would like to check it out (see tour dates here). I have messaged the team to see if they would consider coming to Denver either this year or for next year’s tour. Here’s hoping they’ll say yes!

Whether they come or not, I have been inspired by the project and the art. It is fantastic that anyone who wants to can participate. This is what the global world should be about, sharing of art and culture, not hatred and anger. Perhaps I’ll go draw something now…

See their promotional video below:

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