Day 261. A few of my favorite things

  1. Windy_Day-Spotlight_PlayerMoto X Interactive Stories: Sometime before Christmas, Gene had me interact with a story on his Moto X phone. Oh my goodness, I loved it. The story is called Windy Day and it’s something that one can only find on the Moto X through the Spotlight Player app. The viewer watches an interactive story unfold. He has a part to play in that he controls what is on the screen. If a character moves to the left of the screen and disappears, the viewer may rotate the phone to the left to follow the character. It’s easy if one is sitting in a spin-able chair. Moving the phone left and right and up and down will rotate the view, either pausing or continuing the plot of the story. It’s absolutely magical! A few weeks ago Gene made my day by telling me there was another story available. This one was just as cool as the first, although perhaps a bit more morbid at first. You can click here to see a video of people “playing” it, I think this is the best way of showing what it’s like. The link is for the app in the Google Play store so it is legit. 😛 But, I do suggest finding someone who has a Moto X phone, snatching it for a bit, and finding these interactive stories because they are so whimsical and original and fun!
  2. 2014-04-01 18.25.13Gene’s hamburger: Yesterday we made hamburgers for dinner. Gene made a double stacked burger, or whatever they’ll called, and I thought it looked massive so I wanted to share! Although it’s not really a favorite of mine, it’s still cool to look at!
  3. The Amazing Race: Although I’m not a fan of “reality” TV shows, I generally do enjoy this one. I like it because I get to see different countries and I get a small peek into those countries’ cultures. I know that the TV show producers cut and edit the clips, it’s quite clear, so I ignore the urge to dislike certain teams. And in the current season I’m watching, every team seems to be decent people.. It’s neat to watch some of these teams truly enjoy themselves and appreciate the privilege they have to experience all that they do. I’m not sure I’d be up for such a challenge, but it’s sure fun to watch other people do it!

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