Day 262. Why I love Colorado

I’ve decided to have a new, random installment called “Why I love Colorado”. There’s really not going to be guidelines for these posts except that in some way they have to relate to Colorado. So whenever I think of a new reason why I adore this state, I will make a post.

Today, I love Colorado because of the events that happen here. I read an article a couple days ago about how a group of fans got to see the new Game of Thrones episode a week before it airs. We were the second city HBO chose to screen the episode (New York being the first). Fans came dressed up, partook in a costume contest, and got to watch the episode. According to the HBO Director of Corporate Affairs, “Denver ranks among the top 15 cities for ‘Game of Thrones’ fans.”  How cool is that?!

To me, this shows how the geek crowd is alive and thriving here, and continues to grow! I’m very excited to see what it will look like in a few years.

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