Day 266. Another Realm – my 3rd grade self’s story

This weekend I briefly went through my memory box. I had been organizing the little storage unit we have and thought it might be good to try to lighten up my memory box (it’s heavy). So I brought it inside and started sifting through a few things. I happened upon a notebook where I had started to write a story. I wish I knew how old I was when I wrote it, but I think I was probably in 3rd or 4th grade. I remember having this story in my head and thinking it was such a great idea.

I’m sure that throughout the years I likely rewrote the story on computers, but I have no copies anymore. No matter, I’m just grateful that somehow my past selves thought it was a good idea to keep this small notebook instead of throwing it away. I have a tendency to throw things away or donate them and then, months or years later, wish that I had never done so. So this is somewhat amazing to me that I still have this story.

So, after discovering this notebook, I read the story. My first thought was that things moved very quickly in it. I gave a two or three sentence setting description and then basically went right into this little girl finding another realm. I guess I didn’t think the setting needed more than three sentences. Maybe I wasn’t good with descriptions. But there was no character development either. I gave her name, Alice, and that she lived in a house and had a mom. But that was it. Perhaps I thought it more pertinent to skip straight to the action sequences.

My second thought was that it was really funny. Alice, once in the other realm, heard about a frozen queen and decided she needed to save her. The man that told her the story said something like, “Well, I would not encourage you to do such a thing but that’s your choice. Good luck. I’m not helping you.” Another part I found amusing was when out in the forest one night, the little girl made some fire pancakes. “They were called fire pancakes because they were made on a fire.” Wow, that’s real creative. Hahaha. I’m sorry to say I laughed multiple times throughout my story. At least I got enjoyment out of it!

My third thought was that I was ripping The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe off. And I mean really ripping them off. Alice found the other realm behind a hidden door. The town was called Summer Town and it was summer all the time. An evil witch froze the queen and took over the land. It may not be exactly the Narnia story but it sure seems familiar. I guess I’m not as creative as I thought I was. Well, I was only an 8 year old, what can I expect?

My fourth and final thought was that my spelling and grammar weren’t as awesome as I thought they were. I used zero quotation marks when writing my dialogue. And not only that, I didn’t even say “he said”, “she said”. I didn’t even separate the speakers by lines! All my sentences just merged together. If I had space on one line of the notebook, I wrote my next sentence, even if a completely different character was speaking! My spelling, although not horrible, wasn’t fantastic. For years now I’ve prided myself on my spelling and grammar and then I go read this and realize I wasn’t always that great at it. So sad. It makes me wonder how I am now, is my spelling and grammar just as bad but I don’t notice it?

In the end, I enjoyed reading the bit of story I had written. I never finished that story, although I had written a very loose outline of the story in that same notebook. Maybe one day I’ll type up the words I have written (with a few changes, I think) and finish the story I started when I was 8. Only the future knows!

Oh, and I didn’t end up lightening the memory box either. I actually added a few things and made it heavier. Well, I have a lot of wonderful memories, I can’t help it! 😉

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