Day 267. Tabletop on indiegogo

Tabletop, an online show about boardgames, set up an indiegogo campaign to raise money for their third season. The first two seasons were produced because the YouTube channel, Geek and Sundry, was one of YouTube’s channel initiative. YouTube is no longer providing money to Geek and Sundry, so Tabletop no longer has the funds to continue. Thus they created an indiegogo campaign to procure the money to produce another season.

I enjoy Tabletop. It’s a show that lets me see geek celebrities playing board games I’ve generally never heard of before. I get to geek out about seeing celebrities in a more natural state and I get to learn about cool board games. It’s a show that celebrates the geek and I think that’s awesome.

So I am amazed that, within four days they have raised over $445,000. I believe within the second day they reached the halfway mark of their $500,000 goal. That is incredible. Yes, there were a few large donations but the majority of donations have been $100 or less. In fact, as of yesterday, a site known as crowdlogs, says that 15% of donations given were only $5. To me that shows that no one has to be rich in order to donate and to make a difference. I think that’s pretty cool.

I’ve become a bit obsessed about the rise in the donation total, and find myself refreshing the page every 30 minutes or so. But amazingly, every time I refresh the number continues to increase. Although there have been times when the increase has slowed, it has not stopped increasing once!

That shows the power geeks have. That shows what geeks can do if we put our minds to it. It also shows how many people love Tabletop and see its value. There aren’t shows like this with that kind of production value. It’s a great show with professional recording and editing.

I just think it’s so awesome that within a couple of days, this campaign has raised so much money. I’m thinking about even donating myself. This show introduced me to Gloom, Fiasco, and Unspeakable Words. It’s made me laugh a lot and I’d love to see another season. With the way things are going, I think that’s going to happen!

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