Day 274. Why I love Colorado

Every once in a while I browse the Denver365 website for events to go to. I know that there is always something going on in this city but I don’t always know exactly what, and this site helps a lot in informing me.

I discovered a monthly museum night at the History Colorado Center in downtown Denver. I’ve passed by this museum a few times but have never gone in. After reading about their monthly COmingle night, I think I’m going to have to go!

Every second Thursday of the month, for $10, you can go to the Center and learn about Colorado. But you don’t just walk around and stare at items behind glass and read plaques (although I’m sure you can do that). This is an interactive event. It’s from 6 to 9 pm and there are multiple activities one can do.

There is a fashion show, games, trivia, a mystery to solve, and more. From the pictures on the site it looks like you can use a giant marker to color in part of a wall mural. You can also make and send a post card to our first responders. Besides all that, there is a cash bar and snacks available as well.

That just sounds like so much fun to me! I’d love to learn more about Colorado’s history and have a fun time while doing it. I think I’m gonna try to go in May since I have missed the one this month.

All the awesome, fun opportunities that Colorado has to learn and get out of the house is why I love this state so much!

One thought on “Day 274. Why I love Colorado

  1. Oh yes, you have to go to this! It sounds like so much fun! I can’t even begin to tell you how much I love that you live in Colorado! That’s one of my favorite things about this awesome state – you live here!

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