Day 275. A few of my favorite things.

xkcd Lorenz: xkcd is a webcomic that I occasionally read. The comics are generally full of math, science, philosophy, or history jokes, so I don’t always understand them. But I read them in hopes that some part of them will rub off on me and I will grow slightly more intelligent. Every so often, the artist of xkcd does something a bit out of the ordinary. He once did a comic whose panel changed an hour later, a day, a few seconds. He planned out it so marvelously, it was truly amazing. Check out this website, xkcd Explained, to see it all at once. But this is not what I am speaking about today.A few weeks ago, I’m afraid I don’t know the exact day, this comic came out. It’s a choose your own adventure comic. And when you get to the end, it’s not really an end, you get to suggest the next choice. What’s cool about it, is that the author does choose some choices that readers suggest, and he adds them on to the comic. This means that every day the potential story changes and expands. I’ve done the “adventure” multiple times now and each time it’s different even though I try to make it the same as the one before. The options change. It’s something fun to pass a few moments of time, something to get you out of the stresses of life for a minute.

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