Day 276. More Wildstar pictures

I’ve been able to play Wildstar a bit more the past couple of weekends. Gene and I ended up buying the game and so we’re automatically able to get into the beta weekends. This meant that I was able to play my solo character, Marti, more, and take more screenshots of her. I think she’s so cool and she looks adorable, I have to share! It may be odd that I want to post pictures of a fake character but I’m doing it no matter what anyone thinks. I have joy playing this game.

Marti 4

Here she is looking awesome. Look at those weapons, those are some bad-ass looking claws she has there, and they even match her hair!

Marti Hazmat

Here she is in a hazmat suit. This part of the game was difficult and annoying but I thought it was cool she got to wear a different outfit than normal. Looking stylish and staying safe at the same time!

Queen of the WorldAnd here she is looking out over a beautiful world. This kind of reminds me of The Lion King. She’s queen of the world!

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