Day 277. Fun Fact Friday: Saturn

This week we get to learn about Saturn!

Saturn is the 6th planet from our sun and is 886 million miles away from it. It is a gas-giant planet, so it does not have a solid surface (remember that Jupiter is also a gas-giant). Saturn’s atmosphere is made up mostly of hydrogen and helium. This is another similarity the planet shares with Jupiter (and also the sun). Also like Jupiter, Saturn has a lot  of moons. At the moment there are 53 confirmed moons and another 9 waiting to be added. Can you imagine what the night sky, or even the day sky for that matter, would look like if you lived on Saturn?

Saturn probably most known for being the planet with the seven, gorgeous rings. The rings are made mostly of water ice. The rings are made of billions of ring particles. The particles can be so tiny we can’t see them to being as “large as mountains” (NASA). Scientists believe the ring particles are made of “ cometsasteroids or shattered moons” (NASA). The rings all rotate around Saturn at different speeds. 

Although Saturn is unable to support life as we know it, some of its moons could possibly sustain it.

I got my information from NASA’s Solar System Exploration site.

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