Day 280. Back from South Korea

Gene and I have made it back home safely from our week vacation in South Korea. It was a whirlwind vacation, as always, but quite a fun one. I got to see Seoul and the surrounding area, tried new foods, and hung out with amazing friends. So grateful to Gene for buying this trip and thankful to Sidney for planning it. It was a pretty easy time for me, I just walked around and enjoyed the sights.

But now it’s back to work and the normal swing of things. I don’t mind too much though, work just makes the vacations better when they happen. It makes me appreciate them more.

We landed in Denver around 6:30 pm yesterday after more than 20 hours of travel. I’m tired but hanging in there. Much better reaction than I had last time. Really did wish we had faster means of travel, but when airplanes are compared to boats, I can’t really complain.

I will start sharing all of the fun times I had tomorrow so you guys can see what we did. I took so many pictures that I’m gonna have to make an album to put everything in, there’s no way this blog could hold all of them!

Hope everyone had as great of a week as I did. Although it’s good to be back I miss Sidney and Dan. Boo on the world being this big.

3 thoughts on “Day 280. Back from South Korea

    1. You should definitely go. There is so much there and it’s really pretty when all the flowers have bloomed. Do you know Korean? Because I didn’t, and it would have been a bit hard for me if my friend didn’t know it, but thankfully she did.

      1. I speak a little bit, but I could definitely learn some more before I visit. I have many friends there, so I’m sure they would take me around properly.

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