Day 284. South Korea Recap 4

2014-04-19 00.44.53On Friday and Saturday, our last days in South Korea, we had more relaxing moments.

Friday we watched the Captain America movie, had lunch at a Korean barbecue restaurant, and went to a PC cafe.

I truly enjoyed the Captain America movie. I’m really into the Marvel universe right now and hope it continues for years to come. I just think it’s awesome how now, in the Marvel movies, the other characters are spoken of and some even make appearances. It’s what would actually happen if Marvel universe really existed. Sidney told me that Marvel has its own wiki so on Saturday I looked it up and started reading about Iron Man. I won’t spoil any juicy details in case Marvel wants to use it (that’s right Marvel, I got your back!) but I do suggest going on there. I need to go back and just read and read. Like Sidney said, it’s way easier to read the wiki than have to read all of the comic books.
After the movie we drove into the country to have Korean bbq. None of us had ever been to an authentic Korean bbq restaurant so it was awesome we got to experience it together. We sat outside and had our own charcoal grill next to our table. Dan ordered us some delicious meat, the restaurant brought us out some side dishes (lettuce, kimchi, and spicy onion dish) and we had brought a few other things to grill. It was a fun meal, I’d be up for doing it again. I really liked the steak that Dan bought for us as well as the peppers and pineapple. Oh, and the sweet potato for dessert was delicious. Thanks Dan for buying us this dinner, it was a fantastic treat!

2014-04-19 00.45.00Later in the evening we went to a PC Cafe so we could all play League of Legends together. Sidney and Dan taught Gene and me how to play it earlier so it was fun to play a game with them. I was done after two games though, I needed a break (it’s not really my type of game) so I worked on blog posts and browsed the web while the others played some more. PC Cafes are really cool! I had never been to one before. The monitors were huge and you can download programs onto the computer, which is awesome.

I didn’t take any pictures that day.

Saturday we hung out around the house for a bit until heading out to walk around a nice park/path. It was a bit windy that day but the surroundings were so pretty that it didn’t matter too much. We sat down and ate a few cookies and people watched. That was a really pleasant time, I’m glad we ended up doing that. Afterwards we went to a newly opened PC Cafe where I did more blogging and reading of Iron Man and the others played the game again. After a week of not really having my own computer, it was nice to go to these PC cafes because I had a full keyboard and a large screen.

2014-04-19 00.45.04Sidney made dinner for us that night and we played poker and relaxed. Sometimes I’m really good at poker. The group told me I could go to Las Vegas and act all crazy (like I was when we were playing) and people would be so confused that I would probably make a lot of money. I may have to try that one day! 😉

Night came too quickly that day and we went to bed, only to get up early and go to the airport to fly back home. The week flew by faster than it should have, and even thinking about it now makes me sad. It was so nice to see Sidney and Dan and I hope that less time passes before the next time I get to see them. Yet again I wish that South Korea was just a bit closer to me. Come on teleportation, why can’t you exist?

I had such a fantastic time. Going to a new place and seeing one of my best friends – I could not have asked for more.

See my Google+ photo album here.

3 thoughts on “Day 284. South Korea Recap 4

  1. will you MAYBE come up north when S. comes in July? Is K. coming, too? I know that Tammie is going to be very possessive of their time together….. but I’m planning on hanging around the periphery of their visit and sneaking in for a hug attack whenever the guard is down!!

    1. At the moment, I’m not positive I’ll be able to go, although I would like to. The week after we’re going to the mountains so I’m not sure what the work situation will be with vacation time and summer and all that. Once I find out I’ll let everyone know though!

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