Day 285. Throughout the week

First week back from South Korea went fairly well. I did wake up to my alarm every day, which hasn’t happened in ages, so jet lag did hit me a tiny bit. Here are a few highlights of my week:

2014-04-23 20.01.51On Wednesday, my sister, Kaitlin, participated in one of Casa Bonita’s skit in order to raise money for her school. I didn’t get to see her show last year so I wanted to make it this year.

For those that don’t know, Casa Bonita is an infamous restaurant in Colorado. It’s a touristy place where you get crappy Mexican food while watching skits of people diving, jumping, and being pushed off a cliff into water. There is also a little cave you can walk through and an arcade with old games to play. I hadn’t been there in probably 10 years, so I was somewhat interested to see what it looked like.

I’m glad to say that the food wasn’t as horrible as I thought it would be. My entire family ordered the nacho salad. If I ever go there again (and I probably won’t any time soon) then I’ll probably get that again. The sopapillas were delicious, especially with honey. The awesome thing is that you can have as many of them as you want, no extra charge.

So we had a meal and got to see Kaitlin be an awesome actress! She rocked her skit! My camera wasn’t as awesome though, and had a really difficult time taking pictures. The picture to the left is right after she had a criminal jump off a cliff. Look at that smile! Hehehe.

She could be an actress if she really wanted to! Her school should pay her so much more than they do, they should realize they have an actress in their midst!

I’m so happy I was able to go this time. It was a lot of fun and everybody loved watching her. I heard multiple cheers that weren’t coming from my table.

Wonderful job, Kaitlin! You did fantastic!
2014-04-25 18.26.38For a long time now my watch has been dying. The second loop that keeps the end of the band in place fell off…I don’t even know when. And in the past month or so the actual band started ripping in half. So on Thursday I finally went to Target and bought a new watch! I had been looking on Amazon but once I read reviews of anything on Amazon I generally decide not to get that item (those negative reviews are really a downer). Target it is then! I found this cute white watch that hopefully will last more than a year (but we’ll see)!

While out and about I also went to Payless and bought myself some shoes. I’ve been wanting to get some slip on shoes for a very long time now but I never found any that I liked. I stopped by Payless, tried on lots of shoes, and ended up buying two pairs of slip ons. The white ones I’m planning on painting to be Disney-themed, maybe something like Mickey and Minnie? Not sure if that’ll actually happen but I’d like to try!

2014-04-25 18.23.37

2014-04-26 13.16.17


Spring is finally, slowly but surely, coming! The bushes below my apartment have started to bloom. Yay for the warmer weather and the sun and the dry roads.


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