Day 287. Another game night come and gone

Yesterday Gene and I went to the monthly reddit game night. As per usual, I had a fun time and am excited for going next month. It is amazing how, even if I feel like I’m not really in the mood to go, the moment I get there and start playing games I just feel better. I think it is a stress reliever for me. Being around other people with similar likes is nice too.

This time we went to a different game store because our normal spot shut down. Not sure why, assuming it was lack of money (because why else). I never bought anything there and didn’t talk to any of the employees, so it really wasn’t sad for me. Thankfully the other moderator of our subreddit was awesome enough to call up another game store and set us up there. I really like the new location too. I introduced myself to one of the owners and visited with him and his employees for a brief moment. They all seem decent and nice and I look forward to playing there from now on. The store is a place that Gene and I had visited once when they had just opened so I think it’s cool that we’re able to come and support them. I’d actually like to start buying games from them too.

The only downside of buying more games is that generally, Gene and I only play games at game night. As Gene was telling me yesterday, most games aren’t very fun with just two players. So now I’m thinking about starting my own monthly game night at my house with a few coworkers and friends perhaps. If you’re interested, let me know! I need an excuse to buy more games! ;P

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