Day 290. Poetry Month – Children’s poems

So I know it’s not April anymore, but I wrote this while in South Korea so I think my head was a little off. It was April yesterday and I wrote the post in April so I’m still publishing it. Anyways, poems are good to read anytime of the year:

I just couldn’t stay away from the poetry this month, there’s just too much good stuff out there. In fact, I doubt one month is long enough to share all the wonderful poetry in the world. Today I wanted to share some children’s poems that I enjoy. I feel like there are way more poems and children’s poets that I should know, but I’m drawing a blank. So two poets and three poems will have to do for today. Please share your favorites!



My skin is kind of sort of brownish

Pinkish yellowish white.

My eyes are greyish blueish green,

But I’m told they look orange in the night.

My hair is reddish blondish brown,

But it’s silver when it’s wet.

And all the colors I am inside

Have not been invented yet.

~Shel Silverstein

Put Something In

Draw a crazy picture,

Write a nutty poem,

Sing a mumble-gumble song,

Whistle through your comb.

Do a loony-goony dance

‘Cross the kitchen floor,

Put something silly in the world

That ain’t been there before.

~Shel Silverstein


Swing Song

Here I go up in my swing
Ever so high.
I am the King of the fields, and the King
Of the town.
I am the King of the earth, and the King
Of the sky.
Here I go up in my swing…
Now I go down.
-A.A. Milne

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