Day 292. Showcase of student talent.

Yesterday evening I was privileged enough to attend a fancy event where student groups from a science and technology school showcased their talent. The school consists of multiple schools in different parts of Denver, and one of them is in the area that I work with. I know some people in an organization that sponsored the event, so I got two tickets for free (the cheapest ticket to the event was $500, I believe, so I felt very lucky to be able to go). There were robotics, an RC club, engineering projects, a choir, theater acts, a mock trial, and more.

The kids were awesome. They were smart, funny, and great at speaking and promoting their groups. Two young girls had done an experiment with m berries, the berry that makes your taste buds think lemons are sweet. They had a woman from the crowd try the tablet version of it and when their presentation was done, they had her try a lemon, hot sauce, and some vinegar. Although she didn’t say they were sweet, she did not recoil when trying any of them. It was a cool sight to see.

I talked to some high schoolers about their robotics team. They had six weeks to design and build their robot and then take it to a tournament. I talked to a group of high school students that started an RV club. This group goes to the school in my area. They were super excited about their club, which made me excited about it. I’m hoping to get them involved in my job, have them go to other schools around our area and teach students about RV cars. We’ll see how it goes, I didn’t actually talk to an adult at that point.

One boy had designed and built a scale model of his dream home. I loved that idea. He even had it designed to code, so he could take it to a contractor and get it built right away. How cool is that! Two other students had made little robots and mechanisms out of Legos. There are more sophisticated Lego pieces that are specifically designed to create robots, which one set used, and regular Legos, which the younger students used.

It was just fun to see all of these kids so interested and invested in their work. I want to get the students in my area to be more like that. I’m glad we were able to attend, it reminded me why I am at my current job and it let me interact with some awesome students!

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