Day 294. My Sunday.

New wallet!
New wallet!

So, recently I’ve been looking for kittens to adopt. On Friday, I saw this little kitten in Golden and decided to go look at it on Saturday. Well, 10 minutes before I got there (supposedly), the little guy was adopted. It was a huge bummer to me, even though I knew technically it could happen. So Sunday, when I saw that a shelter closer to me had 5 kittens available, I rushed over, only yet again to have them tell me all the kittens had already been adopted. I literally called them, they said the kittens were still available, and 15 minutes later when I arrived, they were taken. It was not fun. I’m still determined to get a kitten, it’s set in my mind now, but I may just have to wait a bit longer than expected. The man at the adoption center yesterday told me that in 3 or 4 weeks there should be loads of kittens, so I’m just hoping he was telling me the truth.

Later that day I got to eat lunch with my old coworkers, so that was good after the sadness earlier. It had been about two months since I had seen them, since my last day at that job, so it was time for us to hang out again. We went to Texas Roadhouse, which made me happy. I can never get enough of those rolls, they are so delicious. We caught up and just had a nice lunch out. It’s still weird not seeing them everyday, but we’ve stayed in touch fairly often through email so that helps.

Close up of wallet design. So pretty
Close up of wallet design. So pretty

After lunch I ran some errands. I returned the watch I had bought like one week ago because it stopped working. Well, it actually just slowed down, but to me, that’s not working. I also got a new wallet, which will replace my handmade duct tape one. I think it’s time I’m a little bit more professional, and this wallet is super cute, so, it works.

I played some Wildstar with Gene a bit, watched some tv, and headed to bed. I am really enjoying this warmer weather. It is SO nice not to be cold all the time. I only need one blanket to sleep and pretty soon that might be replaced by just a sheet! Boy do I hope the snow is finally done for the season.


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