Day 298. CO Mingle night!

2014-05-08 20.19.33Last night Gene and I went to History Colorado Center’s CO Mingle night! This was the event I had wanted to go to last month but had just missed. It was so much fun and so interesting that I would love to go again! The tickets were only $10 each and that gave one access to the museum, food, and activities throughout the building. This was my first time going to the History Colorado Center and I have to say I am impressed. This place has done a great job at making Colorado’s history interesting and interactive.

First, Gene and I stopped by a table covered in pottery and pottery shards to hear two archaeologists duel. The argument? Can you learn more from a whole pottery piece or from a shard of pottery? It was clear it was fairly rehearsed and preplanned but my gosh it was fun! The archaeologists really got into it. It makes me think that maybe I should have gone into that in college.

After listening to them, we headed over to watch the Romero Troupe skit about a mining strike that happened in Leadville in the late 1800s. I honestly had no idea that there were mining strikes and miners were killed. It made me realize that I really need to brush up on my Colorado history, because honestly I don’t know any of it. The troupe also had another skit about a Latina woman and her struggles with immigration. That was a very moving skit because the real woman portrayed herself. She spoke in Spanish, so it was awesome for me to be able to listen to her and understand most of what she was saying. Her life has been so filled with strife and difficulty, I am truly amazed and inspired by her.

2014-05-08 20.02.03Gene and I wandered around an exhibit after that. I cannot say enough how cool this museum is. There was a life-size plastic bison with compartments in different parts of his body that opened up. One opened up to reveal a dried stomach. It felt so gross when I touched it, but it was still neat to see. There was also a bean bag bison toss game in the same area. Another part of the museum had a mining area where you walked through darkened corridors and learned about techniques of mining. There was an “elevator” you could get in that simulated going down a mine shaft. It wasn’t working when we were there, but I bet it would have been fun!

Near the entrance of the museum, on the floor, was a giant map of Colorado. We watched a Colorado Geography Trivia game there where guests were asked questions and had to walk to the answer. It was fun to watch because I had no idea where anything was (there were no cities marked), but many people had vague ideas of what they were seeing.

2014-05-08 20.05.27We visited another part of the museum where I pretended to be a store keeper and I went on a drive in a Ford Model T. I had a blast while Gene just watched me run around. It was like an adult playground for me. I just thought it was so awesome how interactive the whole place was.

Before we left we checked out a 3D printer where I grabbed a 3D-printed 1 UP and made a keychain! This was the first time I had seen a 3D printer in person, and it was so cool. The volunteer said I could buy my own printer for around $2500. Might have to wait a bit on that but it was neat to see one in action. We also made a quick stop to a Choose your own adventure game about the Dust Bowl. We ended up hunkering down and surviving it, so that was great!

For $10 (plus $10 parking), I would love to go again. It would be a great date night or a fun night out with friends. I can’t wait to see what they have next month!

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