Day 301. Mother’s Day

2014-05-11 20.07.13Although it was snowing yesterday, my family and I had a very nice Mother’s Day. Everyone got to come over to my apartment for good food and kitten loving. We had planned on having dinner out on my balcony, but the weather prevented that, I’m afraid. Having dinner indoors wasn’t horrible though. We had bbq with corn and tater tots and some delicious homemade carrot cake for dessert (thanks to Kaitlin).

Pippin did a great job at being social. He played with Kaitlin and Kevin, chewed on my dad’s shoes, and let my mom hold him while he fell asleep. We’re hoping to introduce him to Kaitlin and Kevin’s cat once they move in late May. So we’ll see how that goes!

Now if we can just be done with the snow, I can finally start enjoying spring!

One thought on “Day 301. Mother’s Day

  1. It was a GREAT time! Special people, yummy food and an adorable Pippin – who could ask for more?! Thank you for a wonderful evening.

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