Day 303. Clif Bars

I’m starting to like Clif Bars. I’m not sure if it happened because I’m older and my taste buds are different or if because I’m kind of eating healthier (?) and so I’ve gotten used to things that don’t actually taste that good. Because let me be honest, I eat healthy items that I don’t really like. But because they are healthy, I eat them, and sometimes, after a while, I realize the food item isn’t that bad.

Anyways, recently I tried a blueberry crisp Clif Bar that Gene got me. I started eating it while at work for a snack and soon discovered that I was almost inhaling that thing. It’s a good bar! Since then I’ve bought many other flavors of Clif Bars and generally I’ve liked them all.

I remember years ago trying a Clif Bar and thinking it was pretty gross. So I’m pleasantly surprised that I like them now. They’re great for mid morning snacks. And King Soopers has recently been selling them for a $1 a piece, which I like.

So, the point is, if you were like me and didn’t like Clif Bars, you should try one and see if your taste buds have changed too! Or, for all I know, Clif Bar has gotten better at making good food. Who knows!

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