Day 305. Good Friday and good night

Today was a good day. I feel like work was productive and the day went by quickly. My manager also ended up taking me out to lunch and then I got to meet her daughter, so that was a lot of fun. I came home and went to the gym and then took Pippin to his first vet visit. He did fantastic and is doing well health-wise, so that makes me happy. I got most of my questions answered about taking care of a cat too (I know I forgot some questions but the most important ones were answered). Then Gene made rice krispie treats and we played video games with some of my best friends.

I almost forgot to write this blog post, but I did it just in time. And now I am happily tired and will go sleep for as long as Pippin will let me.

Happy Friday, everyone!

One thought on “Day 305. Good Friday and good night

  1. Sometimes everything just seems to come together and life is good. So happy you recognized and appreciated your good day and enjoyed it! May you have many more, my darling! : )

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