Day 306. Happy Anniversary

Today, Gene and I are celebrating our 5 year anniversary. It’s amazing that it’s already been five years. I thought the time would drag on, but I’m finding it’s flashing past me. Both of us have grown a lot as people and as a couple, and I think that’s going to continue. I am so excited to see how our future unfolds.

My love for Gene has continued to grow with time. We still love spending time together, just hanging out, being in the same room. We still try new experiences. We still laugh and have deep conversations. He also keeps surprising me with how wonderful a person he is. He may be the most truly selfless person I have ever met. He is kind, caring, loving, sweet, smart, funny, and supportive. He is so supportive of me and the things I want to do and the person I want to be. Not everyone can be so supportive, it’s amazing. I cannot express how much I love him.

2014-05-17 13.19.19Today we went to The Melting Pot and had a lovely lunch together. He also went shopping with me even though he didn’t really want to go. But why did he go? So he could spend time with me. This man is so fantastic, I just wanted to share a bit of him with the world.

Happy anniversary Gene, here is to many many many more. May the next five years be even more fun and interesting!

5 thoughts on “Day 306. Happy Anniversary

  1. I just read this entry, and (with teary eyes) can’t begin to tell you how happy I am that you have found such love. As your parents, we could’t be more pleased with the way Gene treats you and loves you. Plus, he has always been very respectful of us and tolerant of, well … me! : ) We love Gene too and are excited for your next five years! You are amazing people and we love you both dearly. Happy Anniversary!

  2. What a nice post. I am so happy that your love for Gene grows each day. And when I see Gene with you, I know he feels the same. I am thankful that each of you treat each other so lovingly. 🙂

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