Day 308. Visit to my sister’s house!

Kaitlin and Kevin bought their first house recently and this past weekend was the first weekend they could move in. Kaitlin invited us over for some dinner on Sunday and I could not resist, I was so excited to see their place.

Their house is pretty cool! It was built in the 70s and although it does need some remodeling, for the most part it’s ready to go! The house has loads of rooms and bathrooms. Both Kaitlin and Kevin will have their own offices and there’s an extra room left over. They have a living room, dining room, little kitchen table area, and family room. There’s even a finished basement with a cool bar for that could be turned into a mini kitchen.

Their backyard and front yard are awesome too. Both of them are large. There is a huge tree in the front and multiple trees in the back. I can picture what it will look like in the future and boy will it be gorgeous.

I didn’t take any pictures but I’m sure I will. Gene and I will be helping them move this next weekend so maybe there will be time to snap a few? I can’t wait to see what the years will bring to this house!

They’re also really close to the foothills, so hopefully that’ll lend to some great hikes for them. If not that, at least they will have nice views wherever they go! Congratulations to them on their first large purchase and may they continue to enjoy it as much as they have so far!

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