Day 309. Balcony full of flowers

2014-05-20 17.00.15This past weekend, I went to Goodwill and bought some teacups for future succulent plants. Then I went to a nursery and bought said succulents as well as other plants for the balcony. I’m not sure if this is the best time to buy plants, but the nursery was crowded so I’m going to take that as a good sign. I found myself putting more plants in the cart than I had expected but I figured I had enough pots for them all so why not. There are so many beautiful flowers in the world, I need some for myself! I ended up buying some plants for Pippin too. I have some wheat grass, cat grass, and catnip so he can chow down if he wants.

The next day I hunkered down and started planting all the beautiful flowers I had bought. Soon I realized that I didn’t actually have enough pots or containers but I did the best I could. I still need to go and buy some more larger teacups or plants because those succulents are way larger than I expected.

2014-05-20 17.00.24The balcony looks so colorful now, I love it! Gene and I ended up buying a little cart from Ikea that weekend too and after putting it together, it is now out on the balcony, being an awesome plant holder.

Gene and I had dinner out there last night. Can’t wait to use the balcony more now that the weather is starting to cooperate. We even let Pippin come outside with us. He’s been outside on the balcony twice now and he’s done such a great job. We keep him on a leash but let him just drag it behind him. Once he gets bigger, I’m going to put him in his harness and start walking him around outside of the balcony. We’re going to have some fantastic times!

2014-05-20 17.00.312014-05-20 17.00.472014-05-20 17.00.56

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