Day 310. A few of my favorite things

1. 2014-05-21 10.59.25Elephant crayon art: Kaitlin surprised me this past weekend with some crayon art! She bought this awesome artwork just for me. There is a black elephant in the corner and he is shooting out crayon water from his trunk. It’s such a creative way of making crayon art, it’s awesome. I now have it sitting by my desk at work since I’m starting to do half days at my future office. I plan on hanging it up but I forgot to bring nails and a hammer so that will have to wait. Thanks Kaitlin for making my office a bit more fun and brighter!

2. Working at my office: As I just mentioned, I am now working half days at my soon-to-be permanent office. I have been sitting in a secluded office long enough so I am thrilled to finally be there. I am excited to start decorating it and have already brought a few things over. I am hoping that with this slow move, my work will start to pick up. If anything else, I will be able to interact with people more, it’s already happened, so that is fantastic. In fact, I spoke with a woman today…in Spanish! I wasn’t the best at it because it took me off guard but we understood each other in the end and it gave me enough confidence to know that I can continue to do that!

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