Day 314. Moving and friends

Yesterday I helped my sister move into her new house. It took us a few hours but the majority of her items were moved over. When I left, her living room and dining room were looking pretty great. I don’t envy the work she’ll have to do in the kitchen (and everywhere else), but I’m sure she will get it done. I’m so excited to visit in a month or so and see how it all looks.

Although moving can be done fairly quickly, man can it be tiring. I didn’t even do that much and I was exhausted after a couple of hours. I’m glad that I’m planning on staying in my apartment for another year.

Yesterday was also the day that one of my childhood friends came to visit from New Mexico. In the summers he works at Philmont, the Boy Scout camp, so when he has a couple of off days in a row he tries to visit. I’ve been able to see him once a year for the past few years. We visited yesterday afternoon, took a walk, and then had dinner at a fairly new restaurant nearby called Ambli. It’s a “global cuisine” restaurant with food items from around the world. They had tapas, although the tapas weren’t actually authentic Spanish tapas, they were just appetizers; curries, salads, pasta, seafood and quesadillas. I had the Kuku Paka, chicken in coconut curry with a side of safron rice and naan. Oh my gosh it was so delicious. The amount of spiciness was almost perfect, the quantity of food was perfect and everything was just so tasty. When I go there again I might get the same thing. We even had dessert there as a special treat. We tried their homemade fig panna cotta, an Italian pudding-like dessert, and homemade turtle cheesecake. The panna cotta was great, except for the fig sauce they put on top, it was too tart and vineger-y. The cheesecake was amazing. I dislike cheesecake, it’s not something that I choose to eat, but I tried this one and was amazed. It’s the best cheesecake I’ve had. Makes me think that maybe I should try making my own.

After dinner we watched The Wolverine, visited a bit more, and headed to bed. It was truly nice to see him.

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