Day 315. Day off

2014-05-26 11.02.15
Pippin lounging on the window after going outside.

Because of the service the U.S. military has given, I had today off.

I lounged around for most of the day, doing who knows what, but I was productive for parts of it.

I took Pippin outside (not the balcony) for the first time. We just went to the side of the building where there is less traffic and more grass. Although he seemed freaked out at first, he quickly got over his fear and was exploring the outdoors. I’m super proud of him and will continue to take him outside. The kids across from me have all met him now and thought he was cute. And they were right, he is. 🙂 He is sleeping now as I type this, I think he’s been worn out for the day since I also took him out onto the balcony a bit after. If he wakes up before dark I’ll take him out on the balcony again. I think going outside is a great energy sucker for him.

Last night I kicked him out of the bedroom and as far as I know, he didn’t cry. He started meowing at 7 am though, but since I was awake I let him in. I think he knows what time I get up in the mornings, the smart little guy. So I’m going to continue having him stay in the living room at night. It will allow me to get more sleep and in the end like him a lot more, it’s a win-win.

New place mat for my bedside tables.
New place mat for my bedside tables.

Later in the afternoon, I ended up sewing little “place mats” for the bedside tables. I had wanted to add some color to the tables for a while now and I decided that I might as well use the scrap fabric that’s been sitting in my closet for three years. So I did some quick measurements, went with it, and sewed some fabric. Although the mats did not turn out completely straight, if you don’t look too close they look pretty good.

They’re simple, but add just enough color to make the tables look nice. I think it’s a good addition to the bedroom and a good use of fabric.

Gene and I also went to the Dollar Tree and the grocery store. I now have the containers I need to plant the rest of my plants. And we have food for the next week. Go us! I have just finished making some new breakfast egg and veggie muffins (they’re cooling now). I’ll post about them once I actually know how they taste. Hoping they’re good and I can make them every few weeks to toss in the freezer.

Hope everyone else had a relaxing day like I’ve had. And thank you to all the military men and women in the United States who have worked so hard to make sure our country is safe and protected as well as helping aid other countries. Although we can’t always agree how the military should be used, I appreciate those people who truly want our country to succeed and thrive.

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