Day 317. Solar Freakin’ Roadways

This past weekend Gene showed me this video. I knew that people were working on building new, better roads and surfaces but this is seriously awesome. A material made out of solar panels and LED lights. A material that can be used in parking lots, changing parking spots whenever needed. A material that can be used in roads, that can warn drivers when there is something on the road up ahead. A material that can transmit heat so the roads won’t freeze. That may be my favorite part of all. A road that can easily be fixed, if one panel is damaged, only that one panel needs to be replaced. Easy.

I wanted to share this impressive video in hopes that we can continue to pass on this brilliant idea and maybe take it to the right hands. The group has an indiegogo campaign that is ending in 3 days, if anyone’s interested. I look forward to seeing what the future brings, please let it be awesomeness like this!

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