Day 318. Summer camp auditions

Yesterday evening I helped with auditions for an arts summer camp. This is a camp that some of my indirect coworkers are running. I had more fun than I thought I was going to have, I am so glad I did not miss it.

I got to help judge the singing auditions, even though I have no singing background. At first I felt unqualified to judge these kids but since I was giving them 8s, 9s, and 10s (out of 10), I figured it was okay. Besides, my scores didn’t really matter because every kid is going to get in anyway, so it was really just a fun thing to do. Oh my goodness was it fun, some of those students had such strong voices, such power when they sang. I was so impressed, so amazed. My mood kept rising with each student audition. Sure, some of them weren’t amazing, but the potential that they all have is incredible. And the motivation, encouragement, and confidence we can give all the students is incredible. I know these kids will do great things this year. I am beyond excited, it’s going to be hard to wait until the end of June to see their show. I already have plans of sneaking into the practices since they’ll be on the same campus as my office.

This evening I attended auditions again. This time I got to watch the modeling auditions and a couple theater auditions. It was fun too but man did it make me angry at the media and the self-image issues it causes females. But that anger will be saved for some future blog post. Anyways, everybody who auditioned the past two days will be getting in.

Tomorrow we’re having a welcome dinner. I think it’s going to be a great time. For now, I just need some sleep!

One thought on “Day 318. Summer camp auditions

  1. How awesome that you get to see first hand how your job is having a positive impact on kids, and thus our community! While we all have so much potential, not all have the same opportunities or even the same motivation/drive. I’m very proud of you. (just in case you didn’t already know that!)

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