Day 321. Kayaking on the lake

2014-06-01 13.59.10This afternoon Gene and I went kayaking on our lake. Last year we tried out the paddle boat so this time I wanted to try something different. I like kayaking so much more! It’s easier to steer, you can go faster, and it’s not as hard on the legs. Even though I generally am opposed to a two-person kayak (it’s harder to maneuver in my opinion), I had a great time with no complaints. Maybe I’ve had bad double kayaks before. Kayaking today was very relaxing.

We spent a little over an hour just cruising along the lake. The weather was so warm that it felt great to have the water from the paddle drop on me.

2014-06-01 14.03.58During this excursion we saw multiple fish. The fish in this lake are large, so we’re pretty sure they’re stocked and not wild. The majority of them were hanging out in the area of the lake you can see in the picture above. Gene and I think it’s because not many people walk all the way over there to fish. There’s also a lot of trees and bushes, which could mean more bugs. I tried to touch my paddle to a couple of fish but they were clearly too fast for me. No matter, I probably didn’t want to touch a fish anyway.

We also saw some ducklings on our trip! There were two sets of them and they were adorable.

2014-06-01 14.28.39We went into this little back area that I’ve always wanted to explore whenever I go on walks, so it was almost magical for me to get to see it via the water. We did have a bit of a hard time getting out (there were a lot of trees), but after forcing the boat over many branches and twigs, we got back to the main part of the lake. It was a mini adventure.

We slowly made our way back to the dock. I can’t wait until the next time I’m able to go again!

4 thoughts on “Day 321. Kayaking on the lake

  1. Remember the one time we went canoeing and you did NOT like it? haha I’m glad you like Kayaking, because if you ever have a chance to visit (and vice versa) we’ll have to go out on the water!

    1. It is so funny that you mention that because I was talking about that day with Gene when we were kayaking yesterday! I think at that time in my life water freaked me out more and I wasn’t as strong, so the situation wasn’t ideal. So next time I visit and we go out on the water, I think it will be a much more enjoyable experience for me!

  2. guess who wants to do that when she visits!! was it quite a sign-up process or are the kayaks pretty available?

    1. Gene has to go with you but otherwise it’s free, just an easy form Gene signs and you’re good to go!

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