Day 322. Answering machines

Last week I made some calls to encourage parents to attend The Global Leadership Conference I volunteered at this past Saturday. One thing that I found interesting was that the answering machine (a computerized voice) would say the letter “O” in place of the number “0”. So, let’s say the phone number started with 303. The answering machine would say: “The phone number 3-O-3 is not available” instead of saying “3-0-3”. As humans, many of us replace the number zero with the letter O when speaking, but I had never thought we would have our machines do the same. I wonder if it was done on purpose or if it was just human error.

It should be mentioned that not every answering machine made that mistake. But it was more often than not that the replacement was made. I wonder what other human mistakes we have our computers making? Is this interesting to anyone else or have I just made too many phone calls in my life?

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