Day 323. Broken teacups

You know how I planted succulents in some teacups a couple of weeks ago? Well, two of them have already broken. I guess they’re lighter than I thought and the wind is stronger than I thought because I have swept up shards of ceramic twice now. It’s kind of funny, because the second teacup to break was the replacement teacup. So I have this one plant that has fallen twice. The poor thing, I hope it isn’t too stressed. I now have it sitting in a much larger container on a table farther away from the edge in hopes that it won’t have any more accidents.

Of course, maybe none of it was an accident. Maybe the plant is depressed and was trying to off himself. Or maybe he wanted to go on a thrill ride and thought a fall would be perfect. Whatever the reason, I’m just glad the teacups were only a couple of bucks!

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