Day 325. WildStar!

Although this week may not have been ideal for me, at least one
positive thing happened. WildStar is now up and running full time!
Starting last Saturday, I am able to log in and play the game whenever
I want. I’ve only been on a handful of times but it’s just nice to
know I can get on at any time.

The few times that I have played, I’ve taken my time. I’m reading all
of the lore and history now so I can fully understand what is
happening in the game around me. Some of that includes reading what
NPCs (non-player characters) are saying. Some of them have speech
bubbles that pop up when you pass by. At one point, I saw a character
running around and so I randomly decided to follow her. She mentioned
how much fun it was to catch butterflies so I figured, “Hmm, maybe
that’s a sign that I should catch some.” I ran up to one and caught it
and you know what, a challenge started! I had to catch a certain
number of butterflies in the time allotted. It was a lot of fun,
especially since I had truly stumbled upon it.

That’s one of reasons I like this game, there are hidden gems and
jokes just waiting to be found. Not to mention the graphics are just
amazingly gorgeous. And, as Gene put it, “They do a great job of
making you look badass all the time.”  I love looking at my character
and I love playing her. It’s just fun and the right amount of

I have to be honest, I’m surprised that I still want to and look
forward to playing this game after months of knowing about it. I’m
still not a huge gamer, so playing an MMORPG scared me, but so far
it’s going really well. I hope it continues this way because I feel
like it’s a great stress-reliever.

Who knew games made me feel so happy!

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