Day 333. More friends

This evening I played WildStar with my friends. Sometimes during these sessions, we have our characters goof off. They dance, the slap each other, they flex, it’s a lot of fun to watch the motions. At one point this evening my friend and I were dancing in the game and I saw this random person watching us, so I typed out something like, “Let’s dance”. And the character started dancing with us! It was so awesome because then the other two in our party joined us and we were just having a great time.

I actually role played a bit and it was a blast. The other girl knelt in respect and I bowed back to her. And then we all sat and communed for a bit. I have to say, it was awesome.

I just think it is absolutely fantastic that two random strangers on an online game can interact and have fun. It was a great way to spend my Friday evening. Yet again I got to hang out with friends that don’t live near me. What a privileged life I lead!

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