Day 336. New, but old, phone

I got my new phone a couple days ago. So now I have a working phone again. I bought a used HTC Evo, if that means anything to anyone. All it means to me is that I can make calls and texts and get on the internet, so I’m good. It also means I can save some money and not buy another $600 phone.

Yay for having a phone again. Maybe I’ll end up liking this one so much I’ll keep it for a year. Not really sure what’s going to happen. I’m glad I have a phone now though, got it right before my California vacation so that’s good. Also, it has a slide out keyboard, which means I can text quickly again! That’s the thing I missed the most with my previous phone, it was all touch screen. What happened to an actual keyboard? When did we as a society decide no one needed it anymore? That touch screens should cover the planet? Shrug.

So if you need to text or call me and know my number, it’s working again, I got to keep it (yay).

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