Day 337. My random thoughts

  • I made Thai yellow curry for dinner. It was really tasty. Could have been a bit stronger, but homemade curry is never as good as the curry you get at Thai restaurants.
  • Pippin somehow got onto the mantle today and messed with my terrarium. I came home and there was dirt on the floor and on the mantle. Boo. He’s getting too big.
  • I’m leaving on vacation in three days and I haven’t started packing. Maybe tomorrow?
  • Sometimes I’m so lazy, I can’t even finish a blog post. It takes me 30 minutes to write something that’s one paragraph. Blargh. It makes me feel crappy when my posts aren’t very good, and I know I have many of them, but my brain’s just not that amazing! How do I make it more amazing?
  • I feel like I needed one more bullet.

One thought on “Day 337. My random thoughts

  1. You ARE amazing! Your daily posts have become a staple for me…. what will I do when the year is up and there are gaps and misses?? I miss your amazingness already!!

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