Day 338. Working with kids, it can be fun

So two summer camps are going on in my building right now, I think I might have mentioned that already? Well, it’s generally nice to have them around, especially when I start to get to know them. I know many of their names now, even though I don’t interact with the majority of them. But it’s so sweet when some of the kids say hello to me in the mornings when they check in or when I see them in the hall. Those moments confirm why I’m in the job I’m in. And make me think maybe I should get a job in the future where I work more directly with kids. But who knows what will happen in the future? Absolutely no one.

Anyways, some of the kids in the camp are just so cute and sweet. They all just want attention so badly. I guess generally everyone in the world does. I’m glad I’m able to give it to them every once in a while.

On a related note, I have one of my fans from Spain sitting on my desk and SO MANY people (kids and adults) automatically grab it and start playing with it. I think only a few have asked before they’ve taken it, and those were kids. I have no problem with people playing with it, that’s one of the reason’s it is there, I just find it interesting how the majority don’t ask me. I guess they feel that comfortable around me? Which is a good sign. I also like getting attention and feeling loved. 😀


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