Day 341. Circle of Life

Seeing as how I’m I’ll be going to the San Diego Zoo, I thought starting off with The Circle of Life would be appropriate. I hadn’t actually watched this song for a while so it was nice to see it again.  I think Disney did a good job at including a lot of animals. And baby Simba is so adorable, omg I forgot how cute he was.

One thought on “Day 341. Circle of Life

  1. I remember when Lion King came out – I think you were 5. It was the 1st movie we went to see more than once. (Then, of course, we got the video and watched it hundreds of times. Also the cassette tape which we literally wore out!) That Christmas you girls got kissing Simba and Nala stuffed animals – they had little magnets in their noses. Yes, very cute! Such sweet memories. Give Simba a kiss for me! : )

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