Day 354. Another week off

I had this week off from work, which was extremely nice, although perhaps a bit too short. 😉

On Monday, I took Pippin to the vet and had dinner at Kaitlin’s house. Pippin is now good to go for a whole year. Go Pippin! He’s a little over 5 pounds now so it’ll be interesting to see how much he weighs the next time we go back. He hasn’t been eating as much lately so perhaps his growing has slowed. It’s been great getting to hang out with him all day since I rarely get to do that. I’ve taken him on a couple of walks and played with him. It’ll be sad to have to go to work on Monday and leave him all by himself again.

Monday night, everyone went to Kaitlin and Kevin’s house for a bbq. Kevin’s family was visiting so we wanted to hang out while we could. It was a lot of fun, I’m glad we all went out there.

On Wednesday, I spent a few hours hanging out with my parents, decorating some hot sauce jars (I’ll post a picture eventually) and eating some good food.

I had breakfast with Gene one day and lunch on another. I played some WildStar and FINALLY got a house! Yesterday I bought a mount too! I’ll likely be posting many pictures from the game in the near future because I’m STILL enjoying playing it!

I’m sure I did a few other things this week, although my mind is slow to come up with that info. Tonight I’m going to play some more Wildstar, but with friends this time! Hope you all get to do fun things too this Fourth of July. Until tomorrow!

One thought on “Day 354. Another week off

  1. make your house public so i can see it and add you as a neighbor!! if we play tomorrow, lets add each other then~ gene & i are already neighbors.

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