Day 356. Disney shoes

I forgot to mention in my Disneyland posts that I decorated shoes for the occasion:

2014-06-19 23.18.41 2014-06-19 23.18.55 2014-06-19 23.19.03

I got inspiration from images found on google, used a pencil to draw out the shapes, and then painted everything with fabric paint (and a bit of acrylic).

For my first time decorating shoes I think they turned out smashingly. Next time I’ll make lighter pencil marks because the eraser didn’t erase everything completely. I really liked the fabric paints though because I only had to paint one coat. The paint dried in four hours and was shiny too. Supposedly it can get wet, although I hope to not have to deal with that. I might add on some black, red, and yellow dots to the sides of the shoes at a later point, still debating that.

I wore them at Disneyland and got a few compliments too! They were fun to paint and fun to wear. I wonder what I can paint my next pair of white shoes?!

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