Day 358. Pippin Updates

Just bought Pippin a cat tree. It’s high time I got the little guy one. He easily jumps up onto the  mantelpiece now. Surprisingly, he still hasn’t figured out how to jump onto the kitchen counters. I wonder how long that will last. He needs more challenges and I’m hoping this tree will help with that. At the very least he’ll be up high, which is what every cat likes. I did a bit of quick research so this cat tree will hopefully be awesome. I shall let everyone know.

I took him outside for about 20 minutes today. I finally figured out I could throw a stick and he’d run after it. Why have I never tried that before? We only did that for less than 10 minutes, but I plan on doing it much more often now. Hopefully that will expend some of his energy and help him be more calm in the evening. Now if I can just get his nursing habit kicked I think I’ll have a perfect cat. He’s such a cutie though, I can never dislike him for long.

4 thoughts on “Day 358. Pippin Updates

    1. I got it off of Amazon, it’s an armarkat brand, which was the most popular suggestion on a couple of reddit posts I read. The cool thing about this brand is that they sell individual parts, so if part of the tree breaks, i can just order that replacement part instead of having to buy a whole new tree. REALLY hoping he likes it. Wasn’t the fanciest or most expensive, but gotta start somewhere.

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