Day 359. Reddit dinner

Tonight was another reddit dinner meetup. This time we actually had a new guy show up! He was quite interesting because he has lived all over the world and, although he was born in the US, he had an Irish accent. His life is the kind of life I used to want to have, and on occasion, still do. It gives me hope that I might be able to have a more interesting life than I do now. I have dreams and ideas, but the problem is, it’s quite scary to act on those. Seeing people like this new guy helps me to realize little by little that it is possible, that I am capable of doing what I want. It may just take me longer than it takes other people.

We had dinner at an Indian restaurant that Gene and I had been to once before with Lydia. I still liked their food, so that was fantastic. I discovered that on Wednesday evenings they have a vegetarian buffet. Although I didn’t participate in the buffet tonight, I might go again some time. I guess I’m not generally a very good buffet person, because I can’t eat as much as I wish I could. Granted, I literally read a reddit post today about how to prepare and have the best time at a buffet so perhaps now with those tips in mind I’ll do better next time.

This first week back to work from my two week vacation has been better than I expected. I was telling Gene on Monday that I think I psyche myself out and stress myself out thinking that I don’t like my job and that it’s horrible when in reality it’s generally not too terrible. Just shows that I still have a ways to go when it comes to my mental state and stability and confidence in myself. We all  have something to work on!


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