Day 361. It’s Friday evening

The social outing went well tonight. Met many new people but they were all friendly and all I wouldn’t mind seeing again. Going out tonight made me think about my friends from college and how I wish we were all still in the same city. I’m not sure if I’ll ever have as good of friends as I did in Washington. That thought makes me sad, because in all honesty, we’ll probably never live in the same area again.

Anyways, had some food, visited, and played a game. I got to see my friend’s garden, which was neat, and pet her dog. I’m glad to say I still like that couple, they are genuinely nice people, and really great hosts. The girl already talked to me about our next crochet project and when we’ll get together again. Cool!

Gene and I made a quick stop to Jack and the Box on the way back home and now Gene is building the new cat tree! He’s almost done! Pippin doesn’t seem intrigued, but give him time. He’s already walked around parts of it so I’m thinking he’ll warm to it. Once he starts using it I’m pretty sure I’ll be posting pictures.

I’m off to go watch some tv and fall asleep. See you tomorrow!

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