Day 362. Evening in Pueblo

This afternoon, Gene and I helped my parents move a few things to their new house in Colorado Springs! Yes indeed, they have purchased a house, signed the papers, and have the keys. During the week, my dad has been moving a few things at his lunch break but this weekend they really started trekking things over. It was great to get to see their house because I hadn’t had the opportunity before. It is a beautiful house and I can’t wait to see what it will look like when everything is set up. They have a cherry tree and an apple tree in their backyard (good mainly for pies), which is so awesome! I tried a cherry today but it was a bit sour.

Gene and I are going to have our own guest bedroom there, which is neat. I personally can’t wait until they bring all the items in storage from Washington and they’ll have their piano again. Although I’ve pretty much lost all knowledge of how to read and play music, it will still be nice to tinker on the keys until I purchase my own keyboard.

After helping my parents unload our cars, Gene and I headed to Pueblo to meet up with my friend Edward, who’s working in New Mexico for the summer. We ate at this old dive bar for dinner. I had two hamburger patties smothered in chili with fries on the side. It was quite filling but not enough to stop me from looking for a place to have some dessert. We drove around historic Pueblo a bit before Edward spotted a coffee shop. I quickly parked and we walked to a place called The Daily Grind. It was a really cool hippy place that served food, coffee, pastries, and tea. They had a whole bookshelf of jars with tea. Edward got some mint tea and a pastry while I got some cake and a cookie for us all to share. We sat at a table in the back and chatted while we ate our food and looked at someone’s local art. I’m so glad Edward saw this place because it had such a nice vibe. There was a bookshelf nearby with a couple of games and lots of books. Had we come earlier and were more energetic, I’m sure we would have played some.

Right before we left, a man came in and started playing music and singing. It made for the perfect ending to the evening. I’m thankful that Edward suggested we meet in Pueblo. The area of town we were in had great architecture and the food was decent. It could be fun to spend an afternoon and evening there one day, just walking around, peeking into some of the stores.

Our drive home was full of rain and wet roads but we made it. And since we could always use rain here in Colorado, I can’t really complain. I think I’ll go to bed soon though, it was a bit tiring. Goodnight everyone!

2 thoughts on “Day 362. Evening in Pueblo

  1. So glad your parents found a nice home! To get back in swing on the piano – use UTube – there are many tutorials of current pieces! You are getting close to your year mark!

    1. I hadn’t thought of using the internet for learning piano, that’s a great idea! I will definitely have to do that.

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