Day 363. Wildstar picture

Well it’s been over a month since the game came out and I am still enjoying WildStar. I’ve had a few frustrating moments but at that point I can just turn off the game and go back later. I am now level 19. Thought I’d share a picture of my character with her mount!

Tathian and steed 01

I need to come up with a name for him but that may happen later. I’m just glad I have him because I can move A LOT faster when I’m riding him. He also allows me to outrun monsters if I don’t want to fight. Yay for a mount!

2 thoughts on “Day 363. Wildstar picture

  1. Oops, never mind … I just took another look, and those flowers are not connected to your mount, are they? What about Armada??? Its origin is Spanish and it can mean “invincible” or “a large force”.

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