Day 364. Walking with Pippin was a success!

This evening, Gene and I walked around the lake…with Pippin. This time I let him run free (although I did bring the leash just in case). Although Pippin didn’t walk right next to us the whole time, he did follow us. I’m super super proud of him! He was so cute too, when Gene and I had gotten fairly far he would start running. He was such a cutie. Half way through though he started meowing anytime we got too far. Gene says Pippin wanted to explore more but he didn’t want to lose us so he was complaining. I can see that. We weren’t going that quickly though, what should have taken us thirty minutes took us about 50.

We went when it was cooler outside and there was less people on the path. I would love go on that walk a couple of times a week with him, I think it would be good. He’s not nearly as tired as I thought he would be though. No matter, he had a bit of an adventure this evening and that’s important.


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