Thoughts on learning creativity

The past few times I’ve taken Pippin on his outdoor time, I’ve thought about buying a sketchbook and drawing/painting in it every day, or at least a few times a week. I guess my mind won’t let me rest without another project on the horizon. I think what got me started on the idea was seeing people on tumblr drawing their WildStar characters. It made me want to be able to draw mine. Granted, drawing on paper and drawing on the computer are two different things, but I don’t think I’m ready to buy a tablet yet.

I might try looking up drawing classes in the area to see if there’s something cheap enough and at the right time. I know there’s probably a lot of tutorials and diagrams online too so if I stop being lazy I should look those up too.

I feel like, even though I’m no where at the skill level I’d like to be, with practice and learning, I could maybe reach that level. I guess my point is, creativity can be learned, at least to some extent.

Now I need to go look for a sketchbook and some pencils.

2 thoughts on “Thoughts on learning creativity

  1. Art and being creative should always be fun. Who cares what the end result is as long as you enjoyed the process. Some pieces you may keep and others you may toss. Along the way your technique may improve but I say that just expressing yourself in the moment is what it’s all about. Play with colors and experiment. Maybe Lydia has some thoughts on this. I’m excited about your new interest. But … actually don’t toss anything until your mother has had a chance to see it first! : )

  2. both mothers!! have FUN, like your wise mother says…. and, yes, I can suggest some things to do to make sure it’s enjoyable and not frustrating! xo

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