I need to write more

Just told Gene how sad it was how my writing habit I had created over a year was broken within days. I’m going on vacation next week (yay) but when I get back I’m going to try to make it a point to write more often. I’d like to say every day again, but I can’t promise anything to myself quite yet.

I’m going to a conference this Thursday and Friday for work so that’s fun! Well, it seems like it could be fun but it could also be tiring and possibly boring since it’s not actually aimed at me. Either way I’m going and I get to see my parents since it’s down in Colorado Springs.

That’s all the words I have for today, gonna go watch some TV with my boyfriend! woot.

One thought on “I need to write more

  1. While I LOVE reading your blogs, another outlet for your passion for writing would be to get yourself lots of spirals (which just happen to be on sale at Walmart right now for 25 cents each) and just write! Try your hand (ha!) at poetry or short stories or write about personal experiences you’d rather not share with the rest of the world – that is, except your mother! : )
    Oh … I suppose you could do all that on the computer, too, couldn’t you? And save yourself $1 … still, there’s something about pen and paper.

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