Back from vacation. It was beautiful, funny, enjoyable, and tiring. I bought a caramel apple, had ice cream dipped in coconut topping, and ate lots of food in general. I went hiking, sat on the porch, and played games. The week went by quickly, faster than I expected it to, and today I was greeted with a non-stop load of work. School has started up again and today was the first day of fall sports practices. It was a bit hectic but still went home at the end of the day. As long as I can do that, and have a home life, I’ll be okay, for a while.

Anyways, it was a really lovely trip. Gene and I brought Pippin and boy did he love it. He got to be outside a lot more since there aren’t as many neighbors. He even caught a mouse! He killed it so quickly it kind of took me by surprise. He was on the porch and suddenly he pounced and he had a mouse in his mouth. Thankfully I don’t think he ate it and he left it under the porch so it wasn’t as bad an ordeal as I thought it would be. But boy was it sad nonetheless. As Gene said, that’s what cats were born to do.

I have created a google+ photo album of the vacation but you do have to be in my circles to see it. I’ll be posting pictures on here for the next couple of days though, so for those who don’t do google+, you’ll get to see some of the beauty that is the Rocky Mountains!

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